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Who We Are

The Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is devoted to solving the mystery of lupus, one of the world’s cruelest, most unpredictable, and devastating diseases.

Its important to us that we do our best to educate the general public and family members about lupus. Lupus is slowly making the headlines within each community and state nationwide. We must educate each individual on the importance of having knowledge of the disease and spread more Lupus Awareness.

We need your assistance and understanding to help spread the news about lupus and its deadly impact. Will you assist us in educating and fundraising for lupus, while giving the unconditional care, love, support and understanding to those in need.

Lupus Fighters of America will soon be providing a transportation service for those who suffer from its brutal impact. We envision a life free of lupus and we can use your assistance. Support a cause that supports all people, communities, cities, states and countries. “UNITED WE STAND – DIVIDED WE FALL”

Our Vision

Here at Lupus Fighters of America we look to apply advanced methods with lupus research, science and with the development of an organic alternative medicine for lupus – in order to find a cure for this deadly disease. LFOA is seeking to develop a safe holistic medical alternative for lupus patients in hopes for a cure, while providing solutions to decrease the poverty level in each community. We understand that, there are many needs, we must address in each community. By addressing the needs of the people and assisting them through their struggles, utilizing our educational programs and charitable services. Many will Pay it Forward and assist LFOA with research and development to help find a cure for Lupus.

Our Goals & Values

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the 13,500+ people affected by lupus in Nevada and over 1.5 Million Worldwide. Through programs of research, education, outreach, transportation, support and advocacy. Together; we can make a difference and change lives for the better.

We value the lives of over 1.5 Million+ people worldwide that are suffering from Lupus, we must find a more natural and safe alternative. We have faith that scientific research is the most powerful way we can improve the lives of those living with lupus, today and over the long term. By pushing the limits of scientific exploration and shepherding new discoveries into potential treatments, we aim to seize every opportunity that will help ease the burden of people living with this difficult disease.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is to find a cure for Lupus, period. The worlds most mysterious and deadliest disease – and were not trying to take decades to do so. Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is seeking to transform the lives of people affected by lupus as we welcome and embrace a new scientific era, pioneer innovation, push the frontiers of knowledge, enlist diverse new scientific talent, and lead the drive to new treatments, prevention and cure.