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The Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is a 501c3 federal exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and creating sustainable, service-enriched temporary and permanent housing that is both affordable to extremely low and low income individuals, families, vets, disabled and seniors; this is beneficial to their communities. 

UNITED STATES AND THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA is facing a growing threat that will only get worse unless thoughtful solutions are brought to the forefront. The increasing scarcity of safe affordable housing threatens all of us. Unfortunately, this threat is often invisible to all but the low- and moderate-income families, military veterans and seniors being denied adequate shelter.

As reported by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies in The State of the Nation’s Housing, the number of renter households increased by more than 500,000. Sadly, more than a quarter of that growth represents households subsisting on less than $15,000 in annual income. An additional 30% of that increase is attributed to households surviving on less than $30,000 in income during the course of a year. These are clearly Americans for whom the operating margins to keep a roof over their heads are unspeakably tight. Because the vast majority of renters are forced to spend a high percentage of their income to secure affordable housing, they are left with insufficient resources for proper nutrition, health care and other basic necessities. Whether it is a young working family with small children, military veteran or a senior on a fixed income, this housing crisis often sets up a spiral of failure.


The Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is devoted to improving the quality of life for Lupus sufferers and the less fortunate individuals in our community. By providing urgently needed services, opportunities, programs and support. Lupus Fighters of America Foundation (LFOA) is here to assist the 13,500+ Lupus Warriors here in Nevada and 1.5 million+ worldwide. However as a non profit sector, its only right that we address the needs of our 50,000+ Homeless, 100,000+ Living in Poverty, 10,000+ Disabled Vets, 7,000+ Troubled Teens and over 10,000+ Misguided Adults & Young Adults alike here in Nevada.

Housing is one of the basic human needs: the World Health Organization defined it as a “residential environment which includes, in addition to the physical structure that man uses for shelter, all necessary services, facilities, equipment and devices needed or desired for the physical and mental health and social well-being of the family”. Starting from this point, affordable housing can be described in many ways, depending on the quantitative or qualitative perspective we decide to analyse. In many researches, the term is used to define a specific type of housing, made available by governments to those unable to afford one, also known as social housing.

Generally speaking, housing can be considered affordable if its cost (mortgage or rent) is below the 30 percent of the household income: according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), if a family pays more than 30% of their income for housing, it is considered a cost burden. HUD also estimated that currently 12 million people in the U.S. pay more than 50% of their annual income on housing, thus living in conditions that are not affordable.

Apart from the economic perspective, affordable also means physically adequate and fit for human habitation: in simple words, a house cannot be considered affordable if it is overcrowded and unhealthy. To evaluate the real cost of housing then, housing-related expenditures (housing, water, electricity, gas, etc.) should be kept into consideration as well, since those are what make a house healthy and appropriate for living.


The affordable housing community will be operated and managed by the people in each community, while being supervised by LFOA and our professional group of affordable housing professionals and organizations. By doing so; each party can stay competent and committed to the project which allows us access to adequate capital for more affordable housing. LFOA and it’s partnered professionals and organizations have the ability to survive market fluctuations, survive in the absence of development opportunities, global pandemics, including surviving the departure of key staff members.

That failure is something they suffer through and are challenged by every day. It also affects us as citizens of a nation that can do better for the less fortunate individuals among us. The LFOA Foundation has faith that affordable housing for the less fortunate will not be just a dream. Making it a reality will take focused support on all levels of the public/private sector. This includes; nonprofit and for-profit developers of affordable housing, the need of access to private and public funding and expanded government programs to make them financially viable.

At LFOA Foundation; we work for change every day, the vision for this project is to have it one hundred (100%) percent community based and community driven Cooperative. In order for change to happen, we must involve all members in the community. LFOA is looking at creating over 800+ jobs, while servicing over 20,000+ residents – with new modern style homes, luxury mini homes, starter / temp housing, commercial business opportunities and studio units all at an affordable price.

We WILL IMPLEMENT OUR INFRASTRUCTURE THAT’S DESIGNED TO SCALE; creating sustainable Communities that people are happy to call home. Our Single & Multifamily Residential Properties and Mini House Living units can be fully furnished as an option. Each unit is equipped with WIFI capabilities, generators and renewable green energy resources. We’re striving to be recognized as one of the superior foundations that efficiently and effectively accomplishes its mission.

LFOA is committed to providing quality in all aspects of the Foundation—quality properties, quality products, quality services, quality merchandise, quality performance and quality staff to make it all happen. LFOA holistic approach goes beyond providing the brick and mortar edifice. It combines affordable housing with a robust resident services program—known as Operation Stability—which provides a wide variety of educational, health, financial literacy, and enrichment programs for our residents. We are one of the few nonprofit foundations that actually designs, constructs, builds and provides affordable, service enriched multifamily housing to those with low- to moderate-incomes. By acquiring a majority of its properties from financial institutions and private owners using commercial bank financing, permanent Tax-Exempt Bonds and Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

Join the movement by assisting Lupus Fighters of America with Community Re-development; as the increasing scarcity of safe affordable housing threatens us all. Unfortunately, this threat is often invisible to all but the extremely low- and moderate-income families, military veterans and seniors being denied adequate shelter.

The Problem Each Community Is Facing

A Solution Each Community Needs To Adopted

Briefing on our Affordable Housing

Housing is a fundamental need, yet millions of extremely low-income renters cannot afford a place to live. The private market consistently fails to meet the housing needs of the lowest-income families. What extremely low-income renters can afford to pay will not cover the development and operating costs of new housing developments, and in many cases, it will not even meet the rents demanded from landlords to maintain older housing. A family of four (4) with poverty-level income could afford a monthly rent of no more than $644 in 2019 without housing assistance. The average cost of a modest two-bedroom rental home at the fair market rent, however, was $1,194.

While the private market has never been able to produce an adequate supply of homes for extremely low to low income households, the growth of low- wage work exacerbates the problem. Seven of the ten occupations projected to experience the greatest growth over the next decade provide median hourly wages that are insufficient for full-time workers to afford modest apartments.

The lowest-income families are often forced to make impossible choices between shelter and food, health care, education, and other basic needs. This deprivation is severe, predictable, and avoidable; not addressing it is a failure of will and an injustice. Access to a stable, decent, affordable, and accessible home is essential to virtually every area of a person’s life. Housing is intrinsically connected to better health outcomes (Bailey, 2020), economic mobility (Chetty, Hendren, & Katz, 2015), employment prospects (Desmond & Gershenson, 2016), and greater opportunities for people exiting the criminal justice system (Couloute, 2018).

It’s about having a sustained commitment to affordable housing for people with the lowest incomes. We’re utilizing such programs as the national Housing Trust Fund (HTF), Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs), and public housing, can correct for the failures of the market and achieve housing justice. Over 10.9 million of the nation’s 43.7 million renter households have extremely low incomes. Only 7.3 million rental homes are affordable to extremely low-income renters, assuming households should spend no more than 30% of their incomes on housing. This supply leaves an absolute shortage of 3.6 million affordable rental homes. Extremely low-income renters are the only income group facing this absolute shortage of affordable homes.

The shortage does not account for the 568,000+ people who are experiencing homelessness, as the ACS includes only households with an address (HUD, 2020).

Our single & multifamily housing infrastructure was based around, how can we truly help those that don’t have anything and sustain operations. Now we know strategically, cost effectively with great knowledge and understanding of how to provide affordable permanent housing for extremely low to low-income households. As well as affordable single & multifamily rental units. Our affordable housing communities are established by size and regulation. A small single / multifamily residency community for extremely low to low-income, sub-goal for properties is 5 to 500 units. And for our larger communities, the sub-goal is 501 to 100,000+ units.

Briefing on our Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is temporary housing for certain segments of the homeless population, including working individuals and families who are earning too little money to afford long-term housing. Transitional housing is set up to transition residents into permanent housing.

It is not in an emergency shelter, but usually a room, studio, apartment or house in a residence with support services. The transitional time can be short, for example one or two years, and in that time the person must file for and get permanent housing and usually have some gainful employment or income, even Social Security or housing assistance.

Our Transitional Housing program offers a variety of services within the scope of the affordable housing and homeless shelter industry in the United States.

We are prepared to do all that is permitted by the law in the United States to achieve our TH community goals. We will be involved in providing;

  • Short-term housing for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or child abuse
  • Temporary residential shelter for homeless, runaway youths and families caught in medical crises
  • Transitional and assisted housing for extremely low to low-income individuals and families
  • Trade Skills Training courses
  • Job Placement and Resume Assistance
  • Permanent housing assistance
  • Affordable housing infrastructure solution beyond Nevada limits and become a national & international brand for implementing transitional housing all across key regions in the United States and abroad.

The goals for transitional housing are similar to our affordable housing goals. However; individuals and families exiting our Transitional Housing program will still need some type of housing. We provide the participates (Homeless, Ex Felonies, Troubled Youth) in our program with training, shelter, mental health support, patients and guidance. Leading up to graduation day for those successfully exiting our program, we do a mental health, financial and technical analysis.

The information from our analysis report will provide important informative data, which we use to provide the right selection of affordable starter, residential and or even larger estate housing properties for those exiting our program to choose from.

As well; from that data we’ve collected, we see if the participate was / is able to earn financial credit assistance, which can be used to assist with affordable housing cost – helping them save even more money from the start.

These individuals and families deserve a place to call home of their own, and its all about affordability and understanding the struggle of all people.


Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is having a fundraiser and seeking to reach our fund-raising goal of $1,000,000. To acquire the needed supplies and new construction printer to began constructing our Legacy Gardens “affordable & transitional” Housing Community for over 50,000 poverty stricken Nevadans.

Why not participate in something greater than us all, “Join The Fight” – “Take Action” & “Get Involved”. Help us provide shelter to all those in need in our community and abroad, from Nevada to Africa!

The rise of consumerism is having a negative impact on humanity in two distinct ways: First, the drive to attain more monetary wealth and material goods has shown to increase levels of depression and reduce overall life satisfaction. Second, the rate of producing more material goods is having a significant strain on the planet’s resources and will not be able to sustain life if we don’t take action today. Thus, the quality of life for humans is on the decline and our way of life is not sustainable. Together, we can make a difference.


Our affordable housing units can withstand tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and fire. They cannot be burned, eaten by bugs or destroyed by mold. They will last for centuries. And because of the concrete’s thermal mass, interior temperatures remain stable. Making it perfect for those looking to save money, save energy, downsize and live modest. Even makes for a great investment property. The units qualifies as an extended stay room. If you have questions about our Affordable Housing Community Project, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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