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Jan 22, 2020

ATTENTION AUTO DEALERSHIPS; Are you offering your own in house financing utilizing Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH)? The thing about BHPH, is that you carry a lot of financial risk as well as pay more in taxes, we can help you save money and increase your monthly revenue. Best part about it, you can continue to use your BHPH financing – however just add our LTO program to your business model. Do you have a small and or large inventory of new and or older model cars? If you have cars sitting on your lot that are not sold, you have inventory regardless of the year. We can help you dramatically, just enroll in our LTO program; we offer a complete world-class Lease To Own car rental management and marketing services. We provide you with instant positive cash flow, monthly net profits and more within 60 days or less. We’re not just in this business only to make money, we’re also in this business to meet needs as well as make a difference in each community and industry.

What is Lease to Own?

Don’t be confused….Rent or Lease to Own; RTO or LTO Program… are all marketing terms referring to the same program – our proven, highly profitable, lease program for used vehicles.

The LTO business model is based on years of experience in the automotive industry and on feedback from dealers. The concept of LTO as a way for dealers to overcome many of the issues they were facing in their everyday business.

Repossessions Lease to Own

Customer Bankruptcies overcomes these issues!

Delinquent Payers LTO also provides dealers with Tax Burdens higher profits than wholesale or retail and Most importantly, provides the dealers Customer Bankruptcies with a steady flow of monthly income!

You own the Vehicle 100%

Your best defense against Repossessions, Bankruptcies, and Delinquent Payers

Meet your Customer‘s Needs

Get them into a vehicle when other dealers have turned them down!

Improve Customer Retention

Change your thinking form ―Selling‖ to ―Rolling‖ and increase your profits!

Customers LOVE this opportunity and are quick to spread the word!

Be the HERO in your community!

Tax Advantages

Pay Income Tax on revenue as it’s earned!

Depreciation is possible on your LTO vehicles too.

Utilizing our nonprofit gives you an additional tax deduction

Limit Your Risk

We provide Contingent Liability Insurance Coverage, GPS Tracking, & Warranties

Secure your Future!

Our LTO program provides you with stable, increasing, positive cash flow and net monthly income. LTO is the perfect Safety net during the ―down times of the Retail Car Business!

Limited Dealerships Are Accepted!

We Provide You With A Variety of Marketing Materials!

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