PCR Workshop Brochure – Lupus Fighters of America

PCR Workshop Brochure

Jun 14, 2021

Credit plays an important role in our society. It is often misunderstood and misused, which can have a negative impact on our lives for many years. Our PCR workshop is interactive and requires you to apply simple task to reach your goal. Participates will grasp a general understanding of the credit re-establishing process and be taught step by step of how it works. Students will learn the importance of credit, financial budgeting and major key factors to maintaining an amazing credit profile. You will have access to resources such as; lenders, banks, DIY booklets & Informative tools, 24/7 support via email, local professional financial advisors, business credit coaches, medical & life insurance experts, mortgage loan specialists & amazing real estate agents that can help you achieve your goals.  Participants will be shown how to correct, build and restore their own credit. This includes mailing off certified letters with assistance from our instructor the very same day. So there will be no time wasted, delays and or excuses.

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