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Mar 20, 2021


Be a Fundraising Host, Sponsor and or Participant in Our Campaigns & or Events!

Looking for a way to make a big impact for Lupus and help spread Lupus Awareness? Plan a virtual or in-person fundraiser through your work, school or with friends and family. Whether you set a personal challenge and combine it with fundraising, host a livestream, or even donate a portion of sales from your product’s you sell – the possibilities are endless! Check out some popular ways you can raise funds for lupus research, education, and care services we provide all year-round. There’s no limit to how you can fund-raise and get involved.

Go Virtual to Help End Lupus with our different fund-raising campaigns and host a virtual fundraiser anywhere and anytime! 

With a virtual fundraiser, you can invite friends and family to support the fight against lupus no matter where they live. Hosting a virtual fundraiser is easy and fun. Once you register your event, you’ll receive a page that you can personalize with photos and information about why you are fundraising for lupus, and how 100% the proceeds or a portion of the proceeds will benefit LFOA. Then, we’ll send you everything you need to make your virtual event a success!







Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is having a fundraiser for Change In Our Community. Our fundraising goal is $50,000.00, which in turn will allow us to “Pay it forward” and implement solid infrastructure’s for Change. As well as use the same platform (infrastructure) throughout Nevada, across the USA and Internationally. You have an opportunity to be apart of something truly amazing and greater than us all. Contributors will be acknowledge and recognized for their participation and or contribution. As a charitable foundation, we understand there are many needs within our community alone that need to be addressed. Even though our foundations title and mission is based around Lupus, we took an oath and its a must we help all those in need. So, in order not to confuse you or overwhelm you, we’ve briefly outlined how the proceeds will be disbursed and used towards the subjects of interest we will address immediately.

100% of the proceeds we receive from this fundraiser will be distributed and used towards the following community changes our foundation will provide listed below;

  • 25% of Proceeds – Research & Development; Finding A “More Natural” Medical Remedy for our Lupus Patients to consume and developing an effective Cure For Lupus.
  • 25% of Proceeds– Affordable Housing Community; Assisting by constructing an Affordable Housing Community for Extremely Low to Low Income Recipients and providing Shelter for our Homeless Population.
  • 25% of Proceeds – War on Hunger; Feeding those in need due to poverty and financial economics, lack of resources and or categorized as food dessert zones.
  • 25% of Proceeds – Knowledge Is Key; Providing the less fortunate children, teens, adults and ex felonies in need with educational (STEM/STEAM, Job training, Resume Building, Website Development, Computer Tech, Business Management & etc) courses.



We’ve made it extremely simple for participates to take part in Our “Text To Give” Fund-raise For Change fundraiser. For your generous donation you will receive one (1) Free Month of Unlimited Live Interactive Zoom Fitness Classes Gift Certificate. Each certificate is good for one (1) Free Month of Unlimited Live Zoom Fitness Classes, Diet Planning, Monitoring and Coaching. (Value $104.39)

How Our Text To Give with YIP Fitness Campaign Works:

First Text; 2befit to 855-735-2437Next; we will ask you how much would you like to donate; for each $85.00 donation you will receive one (1) Free Month of Unlimited Live Zoom Fitness Classes and Coaching eGift Certificate. Example; If You donate $170.00; you will receive two (2) Gift Certificates. Good for two (2) Free Months of Unlimited Live Zoom Fitness Classes, Diet Planning, Monitoring and Coaching. Special Bundle: If you choose to donate $200.00 you will receive three (3) YIP Fitness eGift Certificates. Good for three (3) Free Months of Unlimited Live Zoom Fitness Classes, Diet Planning, Monitoring and Coaching. Your eGift Certificates will be sent to you via email. The Certificates can only be redeemed at YIP Fitness with an approval code and transaction id from Lupus Fighters of America. And that’s it, Its just that simple.


Our “Text To Give” Fund-raise For Change fundraiser offers: One (1) Dozen Free Krispy Kreme Donuts. Each eGift Card is good for one (1) free dozen of delicious original Krispy Kreme Donuts.

How Our Text To Give with Krispy Kreme Donut Campaign Works: 

First Text; fundraise4change to 855-735-2437. Next; we will ask you how much would you like to donate; for each $10.00 donation you will receive one (1) eGift card. Example; If You donate $50.00; you will receive five (5) eGift Cards. Special Bundle: If you choose to donate $200.00 you will receive twenty five (25) eGift Cards. Your eGift Cards will be sent to you via email. The eGift Cards can be redeemed at all participating Krispy Kreme locations nationwide. And that’s it, Its just that simple.

Each Digital e-card is redeemable at Krispy Kreme  for one (1) dozen of Original Glazed® doughnuts

(Redeemable at participating Krispy Kreme retail shops only, not valid at grocery stores or other retail outlets that carry Krispy Kreme products.)

Donuts are sooooo Convenient! Plus You Can Redeem your dozen anytime you visit Krispy Kreme. They make for great gifts, you can send some to a friend, co worker or loved one to cheer them up. Perhaps your not a Donut eater, don’t like sweets all that much or your on a strict diet. Why not “Gift it Forward” and allow us to gift a dozen delicious & fresh Krispy Kreme donuts to families and or less fortunate individuals in need. When you make your contribution to receive an e-card, you’re not only getting an amazing product but helping a worthy cause.

You Will Receive A Digital E-Card, Which is Good For One (1) Dozen Hot, Fresh & Delicious Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts or Either A Digital E-Gift Certificate Good For One (1) Month of Unlimited Zoom Fitness Classes, Monitoring, Diet Planning & Coaching.



Each Digital E-Gift Card is redeemable only at participating Krispy Kreme Donuts AND Each e-Gift Certificate is redeemable only at YIP

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