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Make a Donation

Nov 25, 2020

Your support can improve the quality of life for people with lupus through research, education and advocacy. Help us continue to have the greatest impact on people’s lives in the shortest amount of time.

Make a financial contribution to Lupus Fighters of America Foundation at anytime through a personal donation, event sponsorship, by honoring or memorializing someone in your life.

Make a donation in honor of someone

From birthdays to Mother’s Day, there are many occasions to celebrate someone special in your life while supporting Lupus Fighters of America and the Lupus Warriors we serve.

Donate in honor of a loved one or an occasion, and send a card

When you make a donation, you can select a recipient to be notified of your gift. We’ll send them a personalized e-card or mail card.

Use a printable donation form to make a gift

After you submit your payment; Print out our donation form Here, fill out the relevant information and email it to us.

To eMail your completed form back to us: CLICK HERE

Celebrate a loved one through a gift

Personalized gifts are created to make contributions in the name of someone or a special occasion.

Give a memorial donation to Lupus Fighters

Support our lifesaving mission of finding a cure for Lupus the worlds most life-threatening and deadliest disease by remembering the life of a loved one.

Remember a loved one through a tribute gift

Personal and customized gifts are created to make contributions in the name of someone who has passed away. You can create a fund in their memory, or contribute to one that’s already been set up.

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