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PCR Workshop

Jun 8, 2020
New Informative & Educational “STEAM” Workshop


A Program That Actually Provides You With Step By Step Assistance & Simple Instructions!

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We’re always thinking outside of the box when it come’s to fund-raising, we look at how we can assist the cause and assist those in our community at the same time.

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The Line of Credit Is Used Towards;

*A Full Credit Analysis Audit & Plan of Action Report!

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Free Personal Credit Re-establishing Workshop Description?

Credit plays an important role in our society. It is often misunderstood and misused, which can have a negative impact on our lives for many years. Our PCR workshop is interactive and requires you to apply simple task to reach your goal. Students will grasp a general understanding of debt consolidation, the credit re-establishing process and be taught step by step of how it works. Students will learn credit enhancements, the importance of credit, financial budgeting and key factors to maintaining an amazing credit profile. Students will have access to resources such as; lenders, banks, DIY booklets, credit enhancement tools & Informative materials all in their user portal. Including 24/7 support via email, financial advisors, business credit coaches, medical & life insurance experts, residential-commercial & business loan specialists & amazing real estate agents that can help you achieve your goals.  Students will be taught and shown how to consolidate debt, correct imperfections, build, enhance to re-establish their own credit. This includes you mailing off certified letters with assistance from our instructor the very same day. So there will be no time wasted, delays and or excuses.

Credit Restoration Video!

What is Debt Validation Video!

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What The Workshop Offers;

The opportunity to learn how to create some financial stability by firstly, correcting your personal credit issues. We will teach, support and show you step by step of how to address the issue. By doing so, we will be able to help you apply legal industry tactics to enhance your credit score and gain amazing credit worthiness.


Example of the User Profile;


Sample of The Process;


100% of The Proceeds Will Be Distributed Towards The Following!

Finding A “More Natural Holistic” Medical Remedy for our Lupus Patients to consume and developing an effective Cure For Lupus. 

Assisting by constructing an Affordable Housing Communities for Extremely Low to Low Income Recipients and providing Shelter for our Homeless Population. 

Feeding those in need due to poverty and financial economics, lack of resources and categorized or zoned as food desserts.

Providing the less fortunate children, teens, misguided adults in need with educational (STEM/STEAM, eSports Gaming, Job training, Resume Building, Website Development, Computer Trouble Shooting, Business Management & etc) courses.

Get Started Today & Receive A $200 MasterCard Approved Line of Credit!

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