Platinum Partner – Lupus Fighters of America

Platinum Partner

Jan 15, 2020

PLATINUM PARTNER (One (1) Available Spot)

Was $70,000 – Now For A Limited Time $60,000A Down payment Contribution of $25,000 to Reserve Your Spot & remaining balance due, Net 30 days

As a Co-title Platinum partner of our “Talent Search” Battle Series of Events; you will be provided with the following benefit for one (1) year;

  • Co-title sponsor naming rights for all four (4) of our current events
  • Co-title sponsor naming rights for all upcoming events  
  • Co-title sponsor for all our Mini Camps & Session programs.
  • Co-title sponsor for our *Bonus, Additional & Extra Incentive sponsor  
  • 25 Gift cards, each card is good for one (1) Free Dozen of delicious Original Krispy Kreme Donuts
  • 10 Gift Certificates, each certificate is good for one (1) month of unlimited Live Fitness classes. Include diet planning & live fitness coach via Zoom.
  • One (1)Exclusive VIP Booth at each event. (Seats 4), our volunteer staff can assist & work your booth if your not available to attend. (Sponsor Must Provide The Materials)
  • One (1)3/4th page ad in our Digital Table-Top Touchscreen Kiosk; to display a company product your choice. 
  • One (1)3/4th page ad/video ad in our Large Digital Touchscreen Advertisement Kiosk, will display a promotional special or coupon linked to a website or product of your choice. (
  • One (1)3/4th page ad in our Digital Contact-less Stand-Alone Touchscreen Kiosk, will display your company service or product information for consumers to make an instant purchase.  (Depending on venue location)
  • Co-title sponsor mentions of your brand by 8 social media influencers.
  • Co-title sponsor recognition on all print/digital advertisement for the event
  • Co-title sponsor recognition during Radio broadcast of the event
  • Co- title sponsor recognition during TV advertisement of the event
  • Co-title sponsor Logo on all Battle Series promotional street team 
  • Logo on our Exclusive Thush Wine Lounge Members Club apparel
  • Co-title sponsor Logo and company name promoted through our Social media channels and Youtube advertisement.
  • Co-title sponsor Logo and name on our main website & promotional landing pages, linked back to your website.
  • 3/4th page ad in our (print/digital) Exclusive Wine Brochure.
  • Co-title sponsor Logo on all our Talent Search print/digital recruitment marketing advertisement materials
  • We will distribute Free Gift Bag Giveaway novelty merchandise with your logo on them to all audience members. (Includes 500+ Novelty Items)


One (1) Available Spot – Package Includes;

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