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Community and Global Impact
Nevada alone has over 13,500+ Lupus Patients and 1.5 million+ globally that are in need. Many are having a difficult time finding a ride to make it to their doctors appointments. With that being the case; many patient will not even get to see the doctor. Or if they do find a ride, they do not have a ride back or vice-versa. As you know or if you don’t know, allow us to explain; it’s important for inmates who are released from prison to have some sort of means of transportation to seek housing, Jobs and or job training opportunities. It’s vitally important
for children of prisoners to visit their parents regularly – But, this isn’t always possible. Oftentimes, these children are placed in foster care or with other loved ones who simply aren’t able or willing to make trips to prisons. The same goes for other prison loved ones. There are thousands of adult children, children, parents, husbands, wives, fiances, grandparents, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers, sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends and advocates who would love to be able to visit their incarcerated loved one(s) regularly. With our Urban Transportation Ride-share Program, Lupus Patients, and Individuals of incarcerated family members will be able to book and find our UTRS when they need it.

We’re In Beta Testing Phase; In Order To Determine How Many We Need To Assist, So We can Provide Our Urban Transit Ride-Share Transportation Service. This Service Is For All Lupus Patients, Former Prison Inmates & Family Members How Want to Visit Their Incarcerated Loved One In Nevada State Prisons.

With Expansion Plans To Service The Entire United States.

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