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Share Your Story

Apr 14, 2021 ,

Sharing your story about Lupus—in support group meetings or just with your friends at times might seem intimidating, but each time you do it you will be blessed. Here at Lupus Fighters of America we’ve incorporated an easier way on how to overcome cold feet about bearing your testimony. We understand that its extremely difficult dealing with Lupus, we know that many times your voices are not heard. Even when it comes to your own pain management, your explanation is ignored. We’re here to make sure your voices are heard and we get solutions for the problem. Lupus Patients need more assistance as well as a cure, the time is now, Join The Fight – Share Your Lupus Story! You may use the Start Recording button below and record your story. With your permission, we will utilize your recording for our local and global survey, to better serve you and provide more Lupus Educational Materials within the medical field. This will help with more research & development for a natural remedy and cure for Lupus, as well as utilizing the recording and submit a petition to the federal government, because its important for them to hear directly from you. 


You can share your story by text message and filling out the form below.
As well; if you would like to submit pictures with the form as proof of your Lupus case – please so do.

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