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Sponsoring is an easy way to directly impact our organization and people with lupus. We’re seeking sponsors to assist us with changing and saving lives. When you partner with the Lupus Fighters of America, your assisting with putting an end to lupus. The purpose of our sponsorship’s is to address the needs within our community and globally. While utilizing the proceeds to live up to each obligations of our sponsors for traffic generation, implementing solid solutions for the less fortunate people in each community and finding a cure for Lupus.

Here are some of our sponsorship opportunities, but many other options will be available soon. Lets take Raising Funds and Awareness of Lupus to New Heights.

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Advocate For Lupus

The War on Hunger

Make a Donation

Your support can improve the quality of life for people with lupus through research, education and a…
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War on Hunger

Hungry children, families & individuals need our help Did you know childhood hunger can cause…
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Partner With Us Virtually!

The Lupus Fighters of America Walk, Run or Jog For The Cause; “Just Cure It” End Lupus® event gives your company the chance to partner virtually with an organization dedicated to ending lupus and making the lives of those living with the disease a little better. Progress only happens when supporters like you joining us in the fight!

Our goal for our Walk, Run or Jog For The Cause; “Just Cure It” End Lupus® is to reach over 20,000 walkers, runners or joggers in 30 cities across the United States.  This year presents a new opportunity for companies to get involved…virtually! As an organization that is dedicated to people who are at higher risk for the coronavirus (COVID-19 / Delta Variant) and other infections, keeping our community safe especially during this time is our top priority.

Our new virtual walk/run/jog event opens up a whole new world of possibilities for companies to support the Lupus Fighters of America. 
  • Participate in our current fund-raising campaign and or national Walk, Run or Jog For The Cause; “Just Cure It” End Lupus® virtual event, where the entire lupus community around the country will come together for a one-day celebration!
  • Form a corporate walk team: Engage employees, encourage healthy habits, host friendly competitions, and HAVE FUN!
  • Does your company offer a matching gift program? If so, encourage your employees to take advantage and boost their results.