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War on Hunger

Nov 20, 2020

Hungry children, families & individuals need our help

Did you know childhood hunger can cause lasting physical and mental challenges on into adulthood? There’s no excuse for allowing boys and girls in our community to go hungry. It’s up to all of us to care for these growing kids, and give them every opportunity to lead healthier, more productive lives.

Proper nutrition in childhood is critical. Lack of regular, nourishing meals can lead to chronic illness and increased hospitalizations, developmental problems, and even significant health issues in adulthood. Hunger can cause difficulty focusing in school and result in behavioral and social issues.

Childhood hunger is a serious problem

  • More than 102,000 children regularly go hungry.
  • Nearly 70% of children in Clark County schools — that’s more than 226,000 students — are enrolled in free or reduced-price meal programs.

Thanks to caring friends like you, boys and girls can get the delicious, nutritious meals they need to thrive. Your support ensures growing children can get access to meals at school, after-school feeding programs, and food assistance year around.

Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is taking action to end the War on Hunger. And we can use your assistance, one (1) of the ways you can get involved to help us end the War on Hunger is to make a generous donation today.

Now I challenge you to payitforward by donating to help feed those in need. All funds raised will be used to purchase Materials, Supplies & Equipment needed to produce and harvest fresh produce of their own.

Just choose the amount closest to your lunch expense and or you may choose to donate $100.00 to contribute towards a farming system that will be able to produce enough to feed six (6) people daily or twelve (12) people for a day. All donated proceeds received will be used to purchase large bulk food items to feed the less fortunate homeless men, women, children and families in need.

We encourage you to Tweet: “I’m helping end the War on Hunger for the homeless, now I challenge you to #payitforward

Tag two (2) friends and ask them to #payitforward at lupusfightersofamerica.org for the WOH. All proceeds received are tax deductible, the Lupus Fighters of America Foundation is a 501c3 Federal Exempt Organization under federal Law. However always check with a/your tax attorney/CPA expert for advice on your full tax benefits, federally and independently.

Help the less fortunate and become part of the solution:

We’ve all seen the lonely, the hungry and the destitute. Feeling a twinge of sadness, maybe even empathy, we feel compelled to help, but invariably the “how to” question creeps in next. Then it’s all over. Not knowing how to make a difference, we move on with our day, suppressing the disturbing images, waiting for the cycle to begin again.

Know that there are definitive ways to help your neighbors in need. We have designed a farm distribution program that allows people throughout Nevada and abroad to small portable farming system. We’re seeking generous vendors to donate some much needed supplies, materials and tools. We do our best to lead by example, showing others that giving is better than receiving, working as a team highlights our strength, being able to work together as a unit and as a family will allow us all to achieve greater things.